On Global Voices: Cuba, USINT, and Wikileaks

My most recent Global Voices post, “Cuba: Cables Reveal Government Sees Bloggers as ‘Most Serious Challenge,'” looks at several cables sent from the US Interest Section in Havana (USINT) where US diplomats described the activity in Cuba’s “traditional” dissident groups. They called these groups “out of touch” and indicated that they (and the Cuban government) have come to believe that the more resonant and dynamic blogging community in the country may be better positioned to consolidate a social movement towards a freer Cuba. Rogelio Díaz, Cuban blogger at Bubusopía, argues that while bloggers may represent an important faction within the island’s future social and political leadership, this does not necessarily mean that they will steer the island towards the kind of democracy that the US has fruitlessly attempted to impose on the island for decades. Read more at Global Voices.


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