Across the Gulf: Day of the Dead

I have been less than half-wired lately because of my recent work as a contributing writer for Global Voices. I wrote my first post about a website created by Mexican journalist Alma, that serves as a virtual altar and memorial to seventy-two migrants who were massacred in Mexico in August of 2010. Yesterday and today (November 1 and 2), marked Mexico’s Day of the Dead, and I got to experience a small and very new manifestation of this tradition by visiting, writing, and talking with Alma about this unique virtual articulation of life and remembrance. The site will remain active for the foreseeable future, and donations may be made to Hermanos en el Camino, a church organization that provides food, shelter and support to migrants and those who have been kidnapped or threatened by drug and human traffickers in Mexico.


2 thoughts on “Across the Gulf: Day of the Dead

  1. feng37 says:

    Hi Ellery, GVO Chinese language editor John ‘feng37’ Kennedy here. I just happened to come across your GVO post on telecommunications in Cuba the other day and just wanted to leave a note to say I think it’s amazing work you’re doing. Will do my best to summarize it in Chinese now on Twitter, hopefully some people here will find it informative.


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